Hot Water Pressure Washer

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Professional Simpson Hot Water Pressure Washer-3500PSI-5.5GPM
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Four wheel portable Honda GX Series hot water pressure washer is both durable and powerful. The Honda GX 390 Engine and your choice of two great pumps, General Pump or Cat Pump, sit on a portable four wheeled push bar frame for support and ease of use. With 4.0GPM and 4200PSI and a 118 Degrees F - Maximum 210 Degrees F rise, this pressure washing unit will get the job done. Each model comes with all the necessary accessories for you to get started right away. To protect your investment there is a 3 Year Warranty on the engine and 5 Year Warranties on the Pump and Frame!

All Hot Water Pressure Washer units are completely factory assembled, tested in the USA, and delivered ready to operate and pass a 28 point inspection.

Hot Water Trailer Packages are shipped complete with everything need to get right to work. Each model is self contained, requiring no outside power source. The reliable 12 volt models include a 20 amp charging system to power other tools or lights for night work. With everything in one place, these packages are a convenient and powerful way to tackle all of your pressure washing jobs.

Skid Style Hot Water Honda Pressure Washer

Reinforces 30 Years of Pressure Washing Expertise

Water Cannon, Inc. is incredibly proud of its 30 years in business. Also a point of pride: the bestselling skid style Honda engine powered hot water pressure washer. With PSI ratings from 3,000 to 4,200, Water Cannon’s commercial and industrial use hot water pressure washer is a lean, mean cleaning machine assembled in the U.S. and designed to stand the tests of time and extreme usage.

Completely self-sufficient with a 15-gallon fuel tank and 12- or 15-volt battery encased in a marine duty battery box, Water Cannon’s hot water pressure washer requires no external power. The 12-volt unit includes a 20-amp charging system, while the 15-volt model includes a 2400-watt generator. Standard with all models is a heavy duty low profile frame thoughtfully designed for installation in a number of positions and places, including floors, walls and trucks. The frame is encased in a powder-coated finish that promises to stay strong for many years.

While the Honda engine powered model is Water Cannon’s most popular seller, customers can opt for a similar electric start engine from Subaru. This pressure washer can be further customized with the customer’s choice of pump from Cat Pump, General Pumps and Annovi Reverberi. The engine and pump oil drains on this hot water pressure washer are specially designed to make maintenance simple and worry free. A 3VX belt system with four belts, each of which are laser aligned and tested at the factory to avoid replacement, offers balanced power transfer for uninterrupted operation.

The pressure washer has an exceptionally efficient insulated schedule 80 coil that heats water at a very quick rate and uses minimal fuel to do so. The stainless steel coil wrap, burner hood and reliable Beckett burners make this model extremely responsive as well, again helping to deliver hot water pronto with minimal effort from the operator. A control panel, safety pressure release valve, and adjustable thermostat give the operator total control of the pressure washer’s water temperature and workings. Likewise, these controls allow the operator to make certain adjustments to avoid damaging the pressure washer's pump. Accessories that come with this total package include four color-coded spray nozzles and a color-coded chemical nozzle.

“We do our best to give our customers exactly what they need,” said Water Cannon Founder & CEO, Richard Kurtz, “because we realize they face a broad variety of cleaning challenges. That’s why the skid style Honda powered hot water pressure washer comes in multiple variations, with options ranging from different pump brands to different power levels. Really, no matter what customers request, we are able to customize pressure washers that allow them to get their jobs done better and faster.” 

In addition to Net 30 account opportunities, the company offers leasing options through Marlin Leasing. You can fill out a credit application from Marlin Leasing here. You can also check out Marlin Leasing's leasing calculator here.

Hot Water Hot Boxes

Make Your Current Washer's Water Hot

Give your pressure washer the boost it needs by adding a hot water hot box. This will allow you to use your equipment for an even wider variety of applications.