Electric Pressure Washer Commercial

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Electric Pressure Washer-20HP-5.0GPM-5000PSI
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Water Cannon’s comprehensive selection of industrial electric pressure washers that range from portable hand-carry and wheeled machines to stationary skid-style and wall-mounted units. If you do not see the model you are interested in above, call our specialists and they will gladly customize an electric pressure washer for you.

Water Cannon Pressure Washers deliver a wide swath of low pressure (sku 17M95 180 degree F. hot Hot Water Heater required at water source) ambient temperature water injected with 5.25% sodium hypochlorite (household bleach) and calcium hypochlorite (bleach powder). This application for 10 minutes on concrete, brick, stone or metal surfaces will kill viruses including influenza. Our products are already used extensively in the poultry industry to fight avian flu. Our Water Cannon products can be used indoors powered by an electric motor.

Hand Carry pressure washer features a commercial Industrial Grade Motor and the dependable General Pump TT Series pump. Depending on the version you choose, these pressure washers provide between 2-3 GPM and 1000-1500 PSI. Each model comes ready to go with all necessary accessories, including a 50’ hose, a trigger gun, wand, chemical injector, and Quick Connect Nozzles. Pick from the options below, the model that is right for you!

Electric Powered Portable pressure washers! They feature a commercial industrial grade American motor and the ever reliable General Pump TT Series pump. Choose from three options to meet the needs of the tasks ahead of you, providing between 2-3 GPM and 1200-1500 PSI. Provided with each model are all the accessories that you would need to get started right away. Standard accessories include: a 50' hose, trigger gun, and wand; Chemical injector, 4 color-coded spray nozzles, 1 color-coded chemical nozzle, all with Quick Connects.

Water Cannon's are utilized for cleaning up after crowds daily such as sports stadiums, movie theaters, drug & grocery stores, hospitals and condos. Also gum removal for the concrete walkways, underground parking garages, stairs and designated smoking areas where people commonly gather. Electric Powered pressure washers are the favorite for indoor applications and plant maintenance.

Need a powerful pressure washer but only have limited space? Then check out this Electric Powered Wall Mount pressure washer. This version easily hangs from the wall in any garage or shop, getting it off the ground and out of your way. Choose from 4 different models to meet your pressure washing needs. Each model has a commercial industrial grade motor and a General Pump brand pump. Additionally, each model comes with all of the accessories you need to get started right away! ** Wall Mount Kit Requires Assembly **

20 HP Electric Motor and the ever reliable General Pump TSP Series pump, these electric pressure washers are worth the investment. Choose from three very powerful models to receive up to 5.5 GPM & 7000 PSI. These models make a great choice for those needing extreme mobility and superior power. Standard with all necessary accessories, you are ready to get to work as soon as it is delivered!