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Pressure Washer Trigger Gun-Contractor Duty
SKU : 05101
Regular Price: $21.59
Lowest Price Guarantee-Buy Now: $17.99
3400PSI-Cold Water Spray Gun-M22-Adaptor-080147
SKU : 080147
Regular Price: $34.09
Delivered-Tax Free*: $30.99
4500PSI-Cold Water Spray Gun-Side Grip-M22-Adaptor-080148
SKU : 080148
Regular Price: $43.99
Delivered-Tax Free*: $39.99
5000PSI-Hot Water Spray Gun-M22-QC Adaptor-080184
SKU : 080184
Regular Price: $45.09
Delivered-Tax Free*: $40.99
SKU : 10.0001
Regular Price: $19.45
Lowest Price Guarantee-Buy Now: $18.18
SKU : 10.0007
Regular Price: $27.47
Lowest Price Guarantee-Buy Now: $25.67
SKU : 10.0032
Regular Price: $20.60
Lowest Price Guarantee-Buy Now: $19.25
SKU : 10.0043
Regular Price: $15.72
Lowest Price Guarantee-Buy Now: $14.29
SKU : 10.0298
Regular Price: $155.99
Lowest Price Guarantee-Buy Now: $129.99
SKU : 10.0321
Regular Price: $27.47
Lowest Price Guarantee-Buy Now: $25.67
SKU : 10.0322
Regular Price: $33.06
Lowest Price Guarantee-Buy Now: $31.49
SKU : 10.0339
Regular Price: $16.47
Lowest Price Guarantee-Buy Now: $15.39
SKU : 10.0346
Regular Price: $29.76
Lowest Price Guarantee-Buy Now: $27.81
SKU : 10.0388
Regular Price: $61.73
Lowest Price Guarantee-Buy Now: $58.79
Trigger-Control-Water-Cannon-202 000 044
SKU : 201 500 910
Regular Price: $37.39
Lowest Price Guarantee-Buy Now: $33.99
Trigger-Control-Water-Cannon-202 605 600
SKU : 202 605 600
Regular Price: $48.39
Lowest Price Guarantee-Buy Now: $43.99
Repair-Kit-Trigger-Control-Water-Cannon-202 700 490
SKU : 202 700 490
Regular Price: $33.59
Lowest Price Guarantee-Buy Now: $27.99
Trigger-Control-Water-Cannon-202 700 600
SKU : 202 700 600
Regular Price: $141.99
Lowest Price Guarantee-Buy Now: $120.99
Trigger-Control-Water-Cannon-202 750 510
SKU : 202 750 510
Regular Price: $229.00
Lowest Price Guarantee-Buy Now: $195.99
SKU : 21227
Regular Price: $9.23
Lowest Price Guarantee-Buy Now: $7.69
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Whether you are a residential or commercial user, Water Cannon has the pressure washer trigger gun for you. We offer a wide variety of pressure washer trigger guns, which are factory tested to ensure the utmost quality you have come to expect from Water Cannon. Additionally, these pressure washer spray guns are fixed with the correct FNPT so that the pressure washer wand can easily connect to the trigger gun.

Water Cannon’s full line of premium quality trigger gun in now available in quantity discounts. We promise satisfaction and have a trigger gun for your application including consumer level, contractor or rental duty durable trigger gun. Water Cannon has trigger guns recommended for hot water applications rated to 300°F, acid duty and pressure beyond 8000psi. The SG Series high psi trigger guns have a long-life and when/if comes time, is an gun easy to repair, check out sku 10.0342 rated from 3500psi up to 5000psi at a competitive price. This is a continuous duty easy pull trigger gun that actually compensates to make it easier to pull and hold open so it can be used for long periods of time without tiring your hand.

Dual Wand Zinc-Plated Steel Assembly - 4000-5000 PSI

Zinc or stainless steel pipes work well for normal cleaning applications with non-corrosive products. They are available with vented grips to allow comfortable usage of a lance assembly where hot water would normally prevent it. The user's hands won't contact the heated lance when pressure washing with hot water pressure washer systems.