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Telescoping Pressure Washer Wand Lowest Price
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85.205.018ALSHD-18 FT Aluminum Super Duty Telescopic Wand-BE Pressure Washers
SKU : 85.205.018ALSHD
Regular Price: $219.99
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85.205.024ALSHD-24 FT Aluminum Super Duty Telescopic Wand-BE Pressure Washers
SKU : 85.205.024ALSHD
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Lower Price: $229.00
85.206.012L-12 FT Standard Fiberglass Telescopic Wand-BE Pressure Washers
SKU : 85.206.012L
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85.206.024L-24 FT Standard Fiberglass Telescopic Wand-BE Pressure Washers
SKU : 85.206.024L
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85.206.024SHDL-24 FT Heavy Duty Fiberglass Telescopic Wand-BE Pressure Washers
SKU : 85.206.024SHDL
Regular Price: $208.99
Lower Price: $189.99
85.206.424L-4-Stage 24FT Telescopic Wand-BE Pressure Washers
SKU : 85.206.424L
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SKU : D20015
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Easily among Water Cannon’s most popular items are our telescopic wands. Available in many sizes, our wands are an essential accessory to complement your heavy duty cleaning equipment because they literally take your pressure washing capabilities to new heights. These extension wands, produced by trusted manufacturers such as Annovi Reverberi and MTM Hydro, ensure flawless results.

One of Water Cannon’s bestsellers is our high quality telescoping wand, which reaches up to 18 or 24 feet, with 2 sizes to choose from. Our telescopic super wands are the industry's favorite for durability and are designed for everyday use. These wands can be used for hot water pressure washing applications, with a maximum temperature threshold of 275°F.

These pressure washer wands are lightweight and balanced under pressure, making them easy to operate. In fact, they are lighter than fiberglass and do not have as much flex as other wands; therefore they are easy to hold and will not droop. You'll be able to work all day without having to fight a limp wand and "wand fatigue." 

To ensure maximum comfort and make using one of these wands even easier on your arms, neck, back and shoulders, purchase our Anti Fatigue Strap/Belt for Telescopic Wands (see SKU 27.0083). 

Cleaning gutters can be a dirty and often dangerous job.  If you are looking for a way to quickly clean out your gutters, you've come to the right place.  Everyone hates cleaning gutters, so make it easier with this high quality gutter cleaning attachment.  

With this incredible product, you will now be able to clean your gutters from the ground with this attachment's specially-angled shape. You are well on your way to clean, clog-free gutters when you attach this cleaner to your telescopic wand.