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Your application needs (chemical or otherwise) will be met when you choose from among the various sizes of Water Cannon's hand held sprayers. These professional grade sprayers are of the highest quality available, with many models manufactured with high grade plastic and high grade seals for safe long term use.

X Jet and M Jet has a stainless steel nozzle injects and proportions soaps, chemicals and liquids at high or low pressure without going through your pump, hose or gun. The jet nozzle projects chemicals or other liquids to vertical heights of 40 feet or more, depending on the pressure washer. Can be used with hot pressure washers or cold pressure washers from 1000 PSI to 6000 PSI.


With this nozzle, you can pressure wash and remove mold, dirt and mildew from houses, buildings, water tanks, silos and rooftops without using ladders or scaffolds. It's perfect to use for caustic spraying using harsh chemicals that normally destroys pumps.

Our quality line of R&L Sprayers feature backpack sprayers, no pump chemical sprayers, Acid sprayers and economy chemical sprayers for many chemical applications.

Sku 14.0263 MTM Hydro foam jet injector conserves up to 90% or the chemical usage. This high pressure spray system tool shoots over 20 feet of dense foam that literally sticks to surfaces, instantly conserving chemical use. With this Injector, you will get not only over 20 feet of dense foam jet projected, but also detergent suction power as well – even at over 30 feet of height. This foam jet tool has a fully variable pattern. It gives you the ability to shoot a straight stream or range up to 50 degrees. This tool is 6 times more effective than using just wet chemicals. 

The Injector works on any pressure washer from homeowner light use to heavy duty industrial applications up to 5,000 PSI with a maximum flow of 5.6 US GPM. This injector operates with cold or even hot (up to 140°F) pressure washers. The Inlet fitting size is 1/4 FPT.