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3400PSI-5-N-1-QC Nozzle-080154
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Nozzle Selection Guide
Spray nozzles can be identified by the nozzle “number”, a five or six digit number that is stamped on the nozzle, which indicates the spray angle and orifice size. In most cases the second and third digits of the nozzle number indicate the spray angle in degrees. Example: 00 is 0 degrees, 15 is 15 degrees and 40 is 40 degrees. The last two numbers of the nozzle number indicate the orifice size, a standard industry designation. Example: 60 is a 6.0 orifice, 55 is a 5.5 orifice. These numbers correspond to the actual dimensions, giving the size of the orifice. They do not, however, directly indicate gallons per minute, flow rates or inches in diameter of the orifice. Some power washers come with an adjustable nozzle, which is fixed to the end of the wand. The fan spray may be adjusted by turning the nozzle and chemicals may also be applied by pulling outward on the nozzle.

Standard Spray Nozzle Applications
Caution: The spray force from nozzles can cause injuries if pointed directly at yourself or others. Before observing nozzles directly always disconnect them from your spray wand.

0 Degree - Blasting Nozzles
Applications: Removing caked on mud from heavy construction, farm or lawn equipment; cleaning tar, glue, gum or stubborn stains from concrete;  cleaning overhead areas; removing rust from steel and oxidation from aluminum

25 Degree - Cleaning Nozzles
Applications: General cleaning of dirt, mud and grime; cleaning roofs, gutters and downspouts; removing light mildew stains; rinsing surfaces in preparation for painting; removing algae and bacteria build-up from pools

15 Degree - Stripping Nozzles
Applications: Removing paint from wood, masonry or metal; removing grease or dirt from equipment; removing heavy mildew stains; removing marine growth from boats and marine equipment; removing rust from steel and oxidation from aluminum

40 Degree - Washing Nozzles
Applications: Light cleaning and washing; washing and rinsing of automobiles and boats; cleaning roofs, windows, patios and driveways

HydroJet rotating nozzles are the industries best value in efficient pressure washing when you need intense stripping power or paint removal. The Rotomax rotating nozzle from General Pump has an adjustable spray pattern from 5 to 15 degrees and is easily adjustable to the cleaning task. Spray nozzles are color coded and packages in full quick connect sets of 4 fan nozzles or 5 packs. The threaded nozzles are available in ¼” standard size threads or 1/8” threads for some Mosmatic products including surface cleaners, duct cleaners, manhole cleaners and under carriage washers. Nozzle cleaners work with to unclog nozzles with orifice sizes above 2.0.  Long range X Jet and M Jet propel chemicals or soaps up to 40 feet vertical. Foam injectors work with pressure washers systems up to 5000psi and can reduce your chemical expense by 90%. Pressure washer nozzles can be purchased in volume for huge savings by selecting 10 + of any sku and you can rack up additional savings when qualifying for free freight.