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Attachment kits include a trigger gun, spray wand also known as a lance, a hose assembly and the necessary twist couplers or quick connects that conveniently hook up to your pressure washer. The consumer grade 3200 psi versions have a 25 foot hose and 22 mm twist connectors and you choice of a variable spray nozzle or a quick connect socket for color spray nozzles that are sold separately. 

These high quality attachment kits are perfect for residential and commercial pressure washers of all types and brands – including Husky, Coleman, John Deere, Excel, Kohler, Troybilt, Generac, Craftsmen, Campbell Hausefeld and Water Cannon pressure washers. 

Pressure washer components are also available individually and we offer a complete selection of trigger guns, replacement wands, nozzles and quick connects at discounted prices. 

Having been in business for over 30 years now, Water Cannon understands the importance of staying stocked with a complete range of products to meet our customers' needs. That is why we offer exceptional pricing on more than 10,000 replacement and aftermarket parts and accessories, including the best deals on pressure washer hose/wand attachment kits.