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Welcome to Water Cannon’s extensive valves section! We provide all kinds of valve devices, many of which you will have trouble finding online elsewhere. Pressure washer check valves, ball valves, flow control valves, thermal relief valves, pressure relief valves and more -- we carry them all. If you cannot find the type of valve you are looking for, please contact us. If it is not online, we may still be able to find it for you.

Thermal Relief Valve is a thermal protector for the pressure washer pump. It protects the pump from damaging when heat builds up while in recirculation/bypass mode. The maximum PSI is for this valve is 145. Opening temperature is 150°F. The valve will reset automatically.

The easy start valve relieves pump head pressure during motor/engine starting. It automatically seals when full system flow is obtained. Easy start valves relieve static back pressure.

High-quality stainless steel check valves all have a maximum PSI of 6000 and can withstand maximum temperatures of 195°F. Inlet and outlet sizes on the models vary.

Brass float valves have a 3/4" or 1/2" M Inlet, have a maximum pressure of 105 PSI, maximum temperature of 140°F and have an overall size of 9.4 inches.

If you cannot find the type of valve you are looking for and it is not online, we may still be able to find it for you. Need application help? We encourage you to give us a call 1-800-333-9274 for a Water Cannon industry trained specialist.