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From wheels to frames and replacement parts, Water Cannon offers high quality, heavy duty products that stand the test of time - even when used for the most rigorous applications. For example, our pressure washer frames are made of long lasting lightweight aircraft grade metal, come with lifetime warranties, and provide the perfect bases for pressure washing equipment that is used for continual, commercial, industrial and/or rental purposes.

Water Cannon’s Cool Deck frames have a lifetime warranty and are well balanced, easy to move around, and come in a variety of sizes for endless applications. Hand carry frames, portable frames, optional roll cage frames can adapt a hose reels on top, hose and gun rack hangers conveniently store pressure washer trigger guns with lance and pressure washer replacement hoses.

Air filled tires, foam filled tires, tire bearings, rubber shock absorbing feet, rubber  grommets for pressure washer nozzles are all available for replacements and repairs.

Water Cannon pressure washers are available in hand carry frame, wall mounted frame versions, plus skid mounted for truck or trailer installations. The frame holes are pre-punched to adapt to gasoline engine pressure washers or electric motor indoor pressure washers. Portable pressure washer frame models have easy lift front and back handles that protect the pressure washer during transport. Then once you arrive on the job you will appreciate the aircraft aluminum design that is stronger than steel, rust free for life and a fraction of the weight of our low quality competitors that sell heavy (not heavy duty)  steel frames that oxidize and rust.