Hydraulic Driven Pressure Washer

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Hydraulic drive pressure washers from Water Cannon are used for applications relating to boats, excavators, tractors, loaders, farm machinery, cranes, concrete pumper trucks, barges, trucks and other vehicles and equipment. Water Cannon's hydraulic drive pressure washers are preferred for many commercial and industrial applications because they are built for performance and survivability. We also provide a complete line of replacement parts for our hydraulic drive pressure washers, so you never have to worry about extensive equipment downtime.

Water Cannon provides multiple hydraulic driven pressure washing systems for uses such as portable restroom cleaning applications, including an Annovi Reverberi washdown pump with a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty priced competitively. This unit provides a maximum flow rate of 3.5 GPM and a maximum pressure of 2500 PSI, allowing the operator to adjust flow and pressure rates to effectively avoid backsplash.

The washdown pump, model number HYD3525, can be mounted to most trucks and connected to existing hydraulic systems, as the pump’s hydraulic requirements start at 7 gallons per minute and its pressure requirements range from 800 PSI upward. Since this unit is hydraulic fluid driven, no electric power or gasoline is required; a water supply is all that is needed. Complete plumbing for easy installation is provided with this unit as well.

For more demanding applications, Water Cannon offers additional hydraulic drive pressure washer models with power up to 5.5 GPM and pressure up to 4,000 PSI. To complement its hydraulic drive pressure washers and allow operators to conserve their time and energy, Water Cannon also offers a universal spinner attachment from Mosmatic that effortlessly reaches into small nooks and crannies – all without exposing the user to the hazards of backsplash (product #81.526). Call 1-800-333-9274 or visit