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Pressure washer pump unloaders control direction of water flow exiting the pump. Therefore, a pressure washer pump unloader works as a safety device, making it a very important part of a working pressure washer pump. Water Cannon carries the web's largest variety of pressure washer pump unloaders from the industry's most trusted names: Annovi Reverberi, PA, General Pump, Cat Pump, Suttner, Mecline and more. 

Water Cannon recommends using a safety relief device in conjunction with a positive displacement triplex plunger pump or equal.

Unloaders featuring a bolt on design with internal by-pass system. Adjustable pressure releases pressure in pump head when in by-pass, protecting from over pressurization. Eliminates by-pass hose and fittings and includes a fixed or adjustable built-in chemical injector. The molded plastic adjusting knob is designed for user comfort. Brass body with a stainless steel, plunger and spring, by-pass is aluminum or brass.

The adjustment knob allows for simple adjustment from 100 PSI to Max PSI rating. Reduce costs by eliminating the need for fittings and bypass hose. Versatile, bolt-on version mounts in seconds to either side of pump manifold. Trapped pressure type adjustable unloader with internal bypass system. Compact design features forged brass body and hardware. Features an Adjustable Pressure Knob.  EZ Start Model Allows For Easy Engine Starting By Eliminating Static Back Pressure.