Honda Pressure Washer

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Honda GCV160-160cc-Axial Cam Pump-2.4GPM-3000PSI-060809
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Honda-Powered-Pressure-Washer-Water-Cannon-EB4040HG & HRK100
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Water Cannon Honda GX Engine Pressure Washers

Water Cannon offers a broad selection of cold water Honda powered GX Series pressure washers, Honda powered GX Series pressure cleaners and Honda powered GX Series power washers.  Honda GX Series Engine ensures professionals in a variety of industries in need of quality industrial grade pressure washing equipment including continuous duty pressure washing. While you will be hard-pressed to find pressure washer prices lower than Water Cannon's, if you do, we will happily match any competitor's price on equipment that is directly comparable. In addition to presenting over 100 standard pressure washer models online, including our best selling Honda pressure washer line, we can also custom build a power washer to address your needs.  Water Cannon offers an array of pressure cleaner replacement parts and complementary accessories. So that you never have to worry about equipment downtime, we offer Water Cannon's ongoing technical support for free for everything we sell; simply call or email us and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. 

Power Washers for Homeowners

Generally, for light homeowner power washing tasks such as washing your car; cleaning your siding, pool decks, patios and porches; and removing stains from your driveway or garage floor, we recommend our low priced sku 15H03 Cold Water Pressure Washer -Honda GX 200 6.5HP -Portable –AR/CAT/Gen Pump-2.8GPM-3200PSI-25’ Kit. These lightweight, portable power cleaners ship for free and are delivered to your door with all of the necessary accessories. If you need any additional parts or accessories to most effectively attack your household chores, we invite you peruse our vast array of hosesnozzlesattachment kits and more. Should you have any questions regarding what to purchase or about something you have previously purchased from Water Cannon, do not forget that Water Cannon employs pressure cleaning equipment experts and offers Water Cannon's free lifetime technical support on all of the pressure washers we sell.

Pressure Washers Cold Water for Professional, Industrial, Rental and Commercial Use

Water Cannon has plenty of power washing equipment -- including ever-popular Honda pressure washersHonda GX Series bestsellers and useful accessories and add-ons -- to help you complete the specific pressure washing tasks you have at hand.  And you can rest assured your machine will perform superbly for many years, as all of our industrial grade pressure washers are assembled and factory tested in the United States, with many of our units boasting excellent manufacturers' warranties on the pumps, engines and frames. 

We supply aftermarket products that fit Honda GX120, Honda GX160, Honda GX200, Honda GX240, Honda GX270, Honda GX340, Honda GX390, Honda GX620, Honda GX630, Honda GX670 and GX690 overhead valve engines.  Our replacement part categories include pre-oiled foam pre-filter, air filters, air cleaner assemblies, stop start switch, spark plugs, NGK spark plug, spark plug caps assembly and noise suppression cap, gasket kits, head gasket, cover wing nuts, air cleaner grommet, breather tube, recoil assembly, recoil ratchet kit, recoil starter pulley, starter handle and rope, fan cover shroud, throttle control assembly, cooling fan, control spring, recoil spring, electric motor starter, radial ball bearing, oil alert assemblies, piston complete, piston rings, oil seals, connecting rod, flywheel, ignition coil assembly, camshaft assembly balancer weight, crankshaft assembly, muffler, muffler heat shield muffler gasket, muffler gasket sets, exhaust  pipe, spark arrestor, muffler deflector, carburetor assembly, carburetor repair kit, carburetor choke, carburetor insulator, driven gear assembly, governor slider, choke set, float chamber, float set, float valve, carburetor main jet, carburetor main nozzle, cylinder head assembly, cylinder head, head cover, valve intake/exhaust, valve spring, rocker arm assembly, retainer intake/exhaust, push rod, valve lifter, valve rotator, stop switch, stub bolt, flange bolt, crankcase assembly, crankcase cover, Honda gas tank, fuel tank assembly, fuel hose, fuel tank joint, fuel cap vented, fuel filter holder, oil dip stick and fuel filters. Water Cannon also features Honda engines on our gasoline powered pressure washers from 2700psi up to 7000psi. Additionally we sell Honda GX120 engine, Honda GX160 engine, Honda GX200 engine, Honda GX240 engine, Honda GX 270 engine, Honda GX340 engine and Honda GX390 engines at very competitive pricing with volume discount opportunities.