Drain Pressure Cleaning Jetter

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Our Honda Jetters Are Better

Check Out Water Cannon's Honda Jetter Systems

Click for Jetters Operators Manual 

SKUs: 15J41 & 15J44

Aimed at annihilating ice and grime from pipes and drains, Water Cannon's complete jetter systems are particularly popular sellers in the wintertime and are used year-round by everyone from plumbers to pumper truck operators.

Water Cannon's most popular jetter, SKU# 15J41, features a "legendary" Honda GX 390 engine, flow rates of up to four gallons per minute, pressure up to 4,200 PSI and a 250-foot jetter hose. Or you can upgrade to SKU# 15J44, also a Honda GX 390 powered jetter that instead offers 4.8 GPM, 3,200 PSI and a 300-foot jetter hose for added reach and pipe blasting power.

Both versions of Water Cannon's aforementioned Honda jetters have stable tilt-back style portable frames with roll cages to protect and extend the lifetimes of the machines. These drain cleaners also have a pulsation valve for instant pulsation on demand in order to allow the operator to quickly loosen blockages and flush them away. So the jetters can be used immediately, both additionally arrive complete with a 3/8” jetter hose (250' and 300' options); a ball valve; a manually adjustable high capacity Hosetract brand hose reel; and four jetter nozzles.

For the jetter operator who prefers to be prepared for everything, a 50’ super kit is sold separately and includes a trigger gun, 50-foot hose and four nozzles. With all of the basics, this kit is ideal to keep on hand in the event that replacement jetting equipment is required while on the job. Plus -- at the bargain price -- it's a wise investment financially speaking as well.

To order the industry's best Honda jetters -- or for drain cleaner accessories and jetter replacement parts -- visit Water Cannon online or call one of our experienced jetter technicians at 1-800-333-WASH (9274). With over 100 years of experience among them, our technicians are well-equipped to handle any questions you may have as well as recommend the best jetting equipment for the job.

The Complete XT Jetter Package from Water Cannon

This impressive piece of machinery is designed to leave NO drain unclogged, NO pipe unplugged and NO surface unclean. Available with power up to 5 GPM @ 3200 PSI, 5.5 GPM @ 3500 PSI, or 5.5 GPM @ 4200 PSI, Water Cannon’s complete XT jetter package cross functions as a jetter and high power pressure washer, making it grime's greatest adversary. 

Features galore and power to spare mean the XT jetter is all the more capable of destroying any dirt that dares to cross its path. A selective hydro pulse feature provides pulsation on demand. An adjustable pressure feature allows the user to control operating pressures from 100 PSI upward to address a variety of applications. And a ball valve shut off feature protects the jetter from potential damage. 

The 'total package' is not short on accessories either. A 50-foot super kit provides the operator with the option to pressure wash, greatly expanding the jobs for which the XT jetter can be used. Plus, to ensure the operator has all the tools one might need to get rid of grime, the XT jetter system includes a 350-foot hose tract reel for the buyers’ choice of a 200- or 300-foot long 3/8-inch Piranha brand jetter hose. A second 125-foot ¼-inch Piranha jetter hose and four stainless steel jetter nozzles are included in the package as well. 

To top it all off, the XT jetter package comes with unrivaled warranties, including a three-year engine warranty, five-year pump warranty and lifetime frame warranty. Interested? Call 1-800-333-WASH (9274) or click here.

Drain Cleaners to Clean Out Frozen & Grimy Drains

Water Cannon has a number of options when it comes to drain cleaners. For example, you can turn your pressure washer into a professional drain cleaning system with this durable, easy to use drain cleaning jetter kit.