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14 Inches-8.0GPM-4000PSI-Rotary Surface Cleaner-AR
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20 or 24 Inch-8GPM-4000PSI-Caster-Stainless Steel-Surface Cleaner
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SKU : WP-EW2000
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Water Cannon’s ever growing selection of top selling products including hand held surface cleaners for graffiti removal, floating or hover style for general purpose flat surface cleaning and four way castor wheel for uneven applications like walkways or parking garages. Mosmatic surface cleaners come in a variety of two, three and four bar versions and cover dimensions from twelve” to thirty” coverage.

Whisper wash Classic, Big guy, Aqua Pro, Lil Guy Ground force flip n fold, flat surface cleaners, hover surface cleaners, 5000psi surface cleaners for hot or cold water pressure washing, portable break away handle, 212 degree operation temperature, rotary spray systems, unitized swivel cartridge, Platinum series, WP-EW1000, WP-UC19ww, WP-EW2000, WP2000, WP2400, WP-2800, WP2800-4 four nozzle Whisper Pro, WP-3600, WP2800 Big Guy are covered by Whisper Wash with a one year warranty.