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SKU : 80.611
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21 Inch-4000PSI-250 Degree-Undercarriage Cleaner-Mosmatic-80.617
SKU : 80.617
Regular Price: $1,999.00
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SKU : 84.504
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Tire Cleaner RDW-Mosmatic-4000PSI-54.546
SKU : 84.546
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SKU : ASE-0019
Regular Price: $599.00
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4000PSI-24 Inch-Undercarriage Cleaner-Steel Eagle
SKU : ASE-0019-11
Regular Price: $689.00
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4000PSI-24 Inch-Undercarriage Cleaner-Steel Eagle
SKU : ASE-0019-7
Regular Price: $639.00
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Water Cannon’s ever growing selection of top selling products including Legacy Undercarriage Cleaners and Tire Cleaners. Mosmatic swivels are the heart and soul of the quality Mosmatic product line. Water Cannon recommends the entire line of swivels for endless high pressure applications knowing the extensive selection manufactured by Mosmatic you can find pressure ratings up to 4000 psi approved to 4500psi intermittent duty, the swivels are maintenance free and come in straight, ninety degree and flange style for applications including pressure washer hose reels, pressure washer surface cleaners and car wash systems.