5000 PSI Pressure Washers

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Cold Water Pressure Washer –Honda 22HP –Electric Start -General Pump -4.0 GPM -7000PSI - 50' Kit
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Cold-Water-Pressure-Washer-Water-Cannon-HDC1228KG - PWK005
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Water Cannon Poly Drive cleaning machines are the most durable 5000psi pressure washers ever designed and made for commercial and industrial cleaning applications. As such, they are heavily used by the military, cruise line industry, food processors and other harsh continuous duty applications. The units are equipped with a Gates Poly Drive long life belt system that is laser aligned, strong and efficient. The efficiency of the drive and aircraft aluminum design which all work together to achieve a reduction in heat transfer and avoids heat build-up.. This design prolongs the machine's pump life expectancy by up to 25%. The balance and vibration resistant engineering make owning a Water Cannon Poly Drive system a great long-term investment and a pleasure to operate.

Additional options include a chemical injector kit that allows an easy cleaning solution application on the surface being washed, Standard accessories are included in the delivered price which are a 50’ pressure washer hose with quick couplers for continuous and uninterrupted pressure washing, 4 spray tips quick connect interchangeable and practical for any power washing job, rust-free aluminum frame,  safety belt guard, and a hi-rated trigger gun and wand for a good grip and smooth operation. Also, these power washers are equipped with industrial rated water pump choose from Cat, General or Annovi Reverberi. They come with the durable Honda GX twin cylinder that represent the top of the line engines in power washing industry.

All 5000psi+ Industrial Pressure Washer units are factory tested and pass a 15 point before being delivered to the customer.