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From consumer parts to industrial accessories, Water Cannon is your choice

From consumer parts to industrial accessories, Water Cannon is your choice for pressure washer trigger guns, high pressure washer hoses, pressure cleaning rotating turbo nozzles are just the best selling pressure washer parts and accessories. We also carry a full supply of hard to find OEM pressure washer replacement products including Solenoids, Pressure switches, Unloader Bypass valves, Flow switches for Hot Water Pressure Washers and overheat pump protectors. 

You can outfit your own pressure washer using Water Cannon’s parts & accessories and enjoy our free freight for orders over $35 and enjoy our online volume discounts for our entire line of pressure washer industry favorites.

Pressure Washer Turned or Flipped During Delivery, Single Cylinder.

Step Action Note
1. Drain oil from engine There are 2 drain plugs on both sides of the engine block, remove either one- 10 or 12mm wrench needed.
2. Drain fuel - DO NOT ADD FUEL if empty No need to drain fuel - skip this step and proceed to next step. Units ship without fuel
3. Remove air filter from air filter cover Inspect paper filter and pre filter, replace if any oil is present (contact us for replacement filter) do not reinstall at this time.
4. Remove drain bolt from carburetor bowl 10mm wrench needed, clean and set aside for now
5. remove sediment bowl located near carburetor bowl 10mm wrench needed, clean and set aside for now
6. If any oil is present let drain and clean bowls do not re-install at this time
7. Remove spark plug 13/16” socket needed, clean and set aside
8. Make sure on/off switch is in the off position Caution: hold rag over spark plug hole, to avoid oil from spraying all over
9. Pull cord until no more oil comes out of the cylinder. This may take several attempts, keep going until no more oil is present.
10. Clean spark plug free of oil or gas Re-install spark plug
11. 13/16” socket needed Re-install sediment bowl
12. 10mm wrench needed Replace drain bolt to carburetor.
13. 10mm wrench needed Re-install air filter
14. Replace if necessary Fill engine with oil to correct level
15. consult manual for correct level and grade Check and fill pump with oil to proper level
16. halfway on the sight glass or use oil dipstick check manual for correct level grade Hook up the water supply
17. do not connect the high pressure discharge hose at this time Turn on water Supply
18. make sure the water is running free from the unloader discharge.
19. Add Gasoline
20. Start machine as normal make sure the water is running free from hose or from the unloader
21. Let the machine run until there’s no smoke present This may take several minutes depending how much oil got into the system
22. If engine does not start there may be still more oil in cylinder Re do previous steps until all oil is drained from cylinder

Temporary Price Reduction on our best selling rotating pressure washer nozzle

One of Water Cannons bestselling Rotating Turbo nozzles, is made by MTM Hydro, and rated to 4,000 PSI and 195 degree F.  This nozzle now comes standard with a ¼” QC Plug so it is ready to work right out of the box.  Remember always start any rotating nozzle pointing in the downward position to avoid damage to the nozzle.  This rotating turbo nozzle is rebuild- able out-in-the-field by simply removing the protective rubber cover and then unscrew the large hex nut to replace the old cartridge with the new one.  Repair kits sold separately.

The more powerful pressure washers with pressure levels up to 4000psi can accomplish tasks that most cleaning equipment can't even touch, like stripping paint, degreasing heavy-duty equipment, and removing the most stubborn oil, dirt, grime, and soil residues from concrete, walkways, driveways, sidewalks, brick, building exteriors, and much more. Specially designed accessories can make any pressure cleaning job easier and more efficient. 

For paint stripping or barnacle removal we recommend adding a rotating nozzle to your system. The turbo rotating nozzle increases the blasting power by concentrating a zero degree stream of water into a 25 degree high rpm pattern.   

The exclusive design of the Turbo Nozzle 4000 eliminates start up impact and damage to the internal nozzle. Rotating nozzles are two times as effective as flat nozzles, so you can cut the time it takes to complete a job in half. In fact, you may save even more time, as using a rotating nozzle also eliminates shadowing so there is no need to double back. Lastly, high RPM spraying power in an adjustable 5 to 25 degree circle allows you to focus pressure for stubborn grime. 

• 1/4 quick connect plug installed

• 0° impact, 25° pattern

• Maximum temperature: 210°F

• High strength forged brass 

• No gears, no teeth, no bearings 

• Precision ceramic orifice and matching race

• Durable rubber/plastic cover




If you are looking for an extreme duty pressure washer

If you are looking for an extreme duty pressure washer you are in the right place. These Extreme Duty, 4 V-Belt skid mounted pressure washers provide a range of PSI options, from 3500-6000 PSI. All of the models to choose from contain a high quality Honda GX (630 or 690) engine and a reliable General Pump brand pump. See the options below for more details on each model. All models come standard with a 15 gallon long run fuel tank and is roll cage protected. These pressure washers are sure to knock out any job at hand.


Water Cannon is your Sewer Jetting Headquarters.

Water Cannon is your Sewer Jetting Headquarters. , 25 gallon per minute nozzles to get through the toughest lines.  For clearing culverts or downspouts, we have rotating nozzles to clear the inside walls and back flush the debris for clean flow through.  Water Cannon sells Spinner nozzles for ducts, barrels and storage tanks of all sizes.

The most important part in any high pressure spray machine is the Spray Tip or Nozzle.

 The spray tip consists of 2 parts that make the washer work to produce a high pressure spray.  The size of the hole is the part that actually makes the pressure.  This is typically the 2nd set of numbers in a nozzle part number.  They will come in half sizes like: 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 etc.     The smaller the hole the higher the pressure.  The larger the hole the lower the pressure.  This is NOT the Gallons per minute of the pump.  The gallons per minute of the pump will vary depending on the model number and RPM of the individual pump.
You can put any number of different gallons per minute through the same size nozzle and you will get different pressures.  Of course with too small of a nozzle you can put too much pressure on your pump  and damage the pump and system.
For example:  2.0 GPM through a #3.0 nozzle=1,750 PSI.
2.5 GPM through a #3.0 nozzle=2,800 PSI.    3.0 GPM through a #3.0 nozzle=4,000 PSI.  
3.5GPM through a #3.0 nozzle=5,500 psi  etc.
This is why we have either a nozzle calculator or a nozzle chart on any of our nozzle pages throughout the web sites.  You must know the Gallons Per Minute(GPM) and Pressure(PSI) of your pump to ensure you get the correct nozzle size for your machine.  Too small, too much pressure, too big, not enough pressure.  
The first set of numbers in a spray tip represent the flat spray pattern that the water comes out of the nozzle at.  For instance: 0 degree is like a lazer point, 15 degree is the next size up for most concentrated spraying with a little coverage area, 25 degree, and 40 degree for the most coverage.  The quick disconnect nozzles are color coded to reflect the spray pattern, not the hole size.  Usually, the spray angle does not affect the pressure.  It may seem like a lower PSI with the wider spray when in fact it is the decreased concentration of area the water is hitting that makes it seem less.
It may seem confusing but if you have the GPM and PSI of your pump, just plug this in to our nozzle calculator and Water Cannon will send you the right one every time.

All Pressure Washers ultimate in Electric Powered high Pressure cleaner

The is a whopping 20 horsepower, 460 volt 3 phase heavy duty motor with Auto Start/stop feature that powers a TSP Series General Triplex Plunger Pump - 4.5GPM - 6000PSI using the long lasting Poly Chain Drive system.  This machine comes standard with a high pressure 50 foot hose, gun-wand kit and Safety Couplers.  12 foot power cord included with no plug so machine can either be hard wired or add a plug for multiple locations.  Auto Start Stop system for remote operation.   Premium inlet water filter and remotely plumbed unloader mounted to frame for durability and ease of operation.



As such, they are heavily used by the military, cruise line industry, food processors and other harsh continuous-duty applications. The units are equipped with a Gates Poly Drive long-life belt system that is laser aligned, strong and efficient. The efficiency of the drive and aircraft aluminum design which all work together to achieve a reduction in heat transfer and avoid heat buildup. This design prolongs the machine's pump life expectancy by up to 25 percent. The balance and vibration resistant engineering make owning a Water Cannon Poly Drive system a great long-term investment and a pleasure to operate.

Pressure washers.

All heavy-duty industrial pressure washer units are factory tested and pass a 15 point inspection before being delivered to the customer.

Water Cannon will be attending the annual WWETT show and you can visit us in booth # 2250


Water & Wastewater Equipment, Treatment & Transport Show

Our  600 square foot booth will be packed full of the newest innovative , high GPM volume pressure washers, water blasters with 15 gallon long run fuel tanks and our new Rental Duty Series of power washers.

The world’s largest annual trade show for environmental service professionals. Attended by 4,200 companies each year, the WWETT Show offers the latest products, technologies, and knowledge related to the water, wastewater and environmental service industry. Registration grants access to over 500 exhibits, educational sessionsentertainment, networking, and live demonstrations. The largest annual trade show of its kind, the WWETT Show attracts some 14,000 environmental service professionals and exhibitor personnel from 53 countries.


The Original Water Cannon Pressure Washer was introduced in 1981

The Original Water Cannon Pressure Washer was introduced in 1981 to the Industrial and Rental Equipment markets and quickly grew into a leading manufacturing brand using high pressure water as a cleaning tool. Applications for our product include mold and mildew removal, Mosmatic flat surface cleaning for parking lots, sidewalk cleaning and driveways. Our rotating turbo nozzles expertly remove unwanted rust, gum, old paint and debris. Our line of Hydro jetting machines will unclog a drain environmentally safe with high pressure water and a self-propelled jetter nozzle

The Commercial Electric models can be safely used indoors, on board ships and food manufacturing facilities. Our bestselling Honda Powers Washers are 3300 psi and 4200 psi include a high pressure hose, soap injector, quick connect nozzles, trigger control and a vast array of attachment options.  Hydraulic Pressure Washer Assemblies are powered by the Hydraulic Pressure and because of the compact size install directly onto Hydro excavation, water trucks, farm tractors and marine vessels. We guarantee the best selection of major brands of Triplex Plunger Pumps including Cat Pumps, AnnoviReverberi, Comet Pumps, General Pump, Interpump, Legacy, Bertolini and Water Cannon

As the leading authority of high pressure water blasting for industrial applications we custom build capacities up to 28 gpm and 7000 psi. Our major categories are Cold Water, Diesel, Electric Commercial, 5000PSI, Drain Cleaning Jetters, Honda, Hot Water Generator, Hot Water Pressure Washer, Hydraulic Driven, Water Tank, Trailer Packages, Vacuum Systems, Industrial Space Heaters, Engines, Pumps, Surface Cleaner, Car Wash, Best Sellers plus Parts and Accessories.

Clean up the Path - Reboot your Cleaning Routine

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When the Rotating Nozzle stops working

Water Cannon Duct Cleaners Attach to any Pressure Washer

By Luke LeNoble
Mosmatic Duct Cleaners from Water Cannon are designed to clean ducts, trash chutes, vents, restaurants hoods, tanks and more. The spinner attachment can be universally attached to any hot or cold pressure washer, making it a versatile tool for any cleaning contractor.

“You can connect it to the wand, or you can connect it to your hose,” says Mark Williams, Water Cannon national sales and product manager. “Because of the versatility of what you can clean, you’re not limited to just ducts. A lot of grease trap guys are cleaning restaurants, so now they can offer to clean that hood vent as well.
“You can clean anything where you have to hit the sides of a pipe or wall because you can’t get a wand in there to hit all the spots. This is where a duct cleaner comes in handy; you can drop it through the hole, and then it sprays and rotates at about 1,500 rpm, so it will clean the sides of the wall or whatever you’re cleaning.”

The duct cleaners are made of corrosion-resistant materials, feature self-lubricated steel bearings and an improved carbide swivel. They come in sizes from 3 to 32 inches.

Built to handle chemical ratings of pH 3 to pH 12 while withstanding temperatures up to 250 degrees F, operators can choose between fixed-arm or adjustable-arm models and prevent backsplash with an optional protective plate for sizes 12 inches and up.

“These duct cleaners are really a time-saver and very versatile, cleaning anything from a 3-inch pipe to a silo,” Williams says. “And it’s a high quality product; they’re made to last.” 800/333-9274; 

How to use a pressure washer

The easiest way to learn how to use a power washer is to first understand how the power washing systems work. There are four basic elements of the powerwashing process regardless of what machine or method you use. The four elements and power washer tips are: pressure, water flow rate, cleaning solution and heat. If we take out just one of these four elements, the cleaning characteristics will change. For example, if you can only afford a cold water pressure washer instead of hot water washer, you will have to compensate for that loss. In other words, pressure washer basics tell you that you will have to add more chemicals, apply higher pressure and use more water to achieve better powerwash results. Therefore, you will always have to make adjustments combining these four elements in order to achieve the ideal cleaning atmosphere for your particular job. Nevertheless, when learning how power washing systems work and how to power wash, keep in mind that detergents emulsify the dirt better and faster as the temperature increases. This is especially true when cleaning oil and grease from a concrete surface. That's why hot water power washing systems are perfect for such jobs.

So, how does the high pressure washing work? It is in fact the process of breaking the bond between the dirt and the surface being cleaned. As we mentioned earlier, for the best results you will combine four essential elements. However, shortfalls do exist. Here is another example of how pressure washers work: let's say you notice you have a little detergent left and you decide to decrease the amount injected through pressure washer. A cleaning solution decrease in this case will have a less effect on the debris being cleaned. Because of that, now you must work with other elements to make up for that loss. You have to increase the pressure, water temperature and the water volume. Even though, you are less likely to reach the same level of efficiency (by decreasing the amount of detergent), you will somewhat neutralize that loss.

Pressure Washers / Engines / Pumps / Surface Cleaner

Water Cannon offers a broad selection of pressure washers, including cold waterhot waterdieselelectrichydraulic and water tank power washer models. We cater to customers of all sorts, from homeowners seeking an effective solution for keeping home exteriors looking flawless... to professionals in a variety of industries in need of quality industrial grade pressure washing equipment.

Putting the power in your hands!

With all the pressure cleaning jobs and applications our customers tackle, we at Water Cannon realize that the pumps and engines are not the only items that occasionally require replacement or new parts.
As a result, we offer some of the industry’s best pricing on power washer accessories and an assortment of related parts. Water Cannon’s comprehensive line of power washer accessories consists of everything
from all-inclusive attachment kits that feature a gun, wand, hose, chemical injector and nozzles to individual items and multi-packs. Our customers tend to go through stainless steel sockets, ball valves and 
plugs quickly, so we offer bulk pricing discounts to ensure you are never without the replacement parts you require.