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8000PSI Simpson Non-Marking Pressure Washer Hose

8000PSI-50 Feet-SIMPSON Hose-41184
Water Cannon is a leading supplier of non-marking pressure washer hose available in gray polyurethane highly resistant covers. 

With our vast stocking capability we provide same day shipping 25 foot assemblies and custom-made up to 300 foot assemblies. You can have your choice of quick connects available in traditional brass and plated steel or upgrade to stainless steel. 

Our most durable offering is a double wire stainless steel wrapped hose that boasts a 4-to-1 safety factor and has a working pressure of 8000 PSI with burst strength of 32,000 PSI. 

Non-marking hoses are a favorite among contractors and rental stores because they do not leave behind marks on the surface. These hoses actually save time and allow you to get off the job site quicker. 

 To see our full selection of pressure washer hoses visit or call one of our industry trained professionals at 1-800-333-9274 
8000PSI-50 Feet-SIMPSON Hose-41184

5000psi Pressure Washer Hose Reels

These Legacy 5000psi hose reels are rugged heavy-duty construction for commercial applications made of heavy gauge steel fabrication and are gloss black powder coated to ensure years of wear. Easy to use break mechanism reduces unwinding backlash and the over-sized heavy-duty locking mechanism prevents slippage during reel operation. Durable handle will stand up to the rigors of daily use on your 5000psi pressure washer machine. 

The thoughtful “Flip-Over” hose guide allows ease of use from either side of the reel & over-sized to easily fit the advertised length of pressure washer hose. When we say 100 feet we mean 100+ feet will easily fit, the Legacy 5000psi hose reel is also available in a 200 foot version. Select from a fixed base or pivot base design. The reels come with an extended swivel which prevents bends and stress on the hose where it attaches to the reel. Swivels carry a two year warranty and are sold individually as well and make the perfect universal replacement swivel.

Rotary mount 360 degree rotation with an over-sized heavy-duty locking mechanism that will keep the hose from accidently un-spooling, we have all seen a truck with wires or hoses hanging off the truck on the highways. As an added convenience the Legacy 5000psi Pressure Washer Hose Reels come completely assembled Ready to use out of the box which saves you time and money. 

Legacy has the widest selection of premium pressure washer parts and accessories available. Offering innovation, superior workmanship, excellent quality and yet price competitive. 

3/8" x 3/8" 325 F. Degree

• Rugged heavy-duty construction for commercial applications
• Heavy gauge steel fabrication
• Gloss black powder coating
• Easy to use break mechanism reduces unwinding backlash
• Over-sized heavy-duty locking mechanism prevents slippage during reel operation
• Durable handle

Whisper Wash® provides a premium quality complete line of flat surface cleaners to the pressure washing industry.

Whisper Wash® provides a premium quality complete line of flat surface cleaners to the pressure washing industry.

Our initial commitment to quality is displayed in the superior engineering of the Whisper Wash® Classic. Additionally we offer you the added benefits of cleaning large flat surface areas with The Big Guy, Ground Force "Flip - N - Fold", and the Aqua Pro, or the flexibility in design choices provided by the Lil' Guy or our Ultra Clean line. Whisper Wash® pressure washing systems provide proven economical benefits to industrial pressure cleaning users throughout the world.

The Whisper Wash® Professional Rotary Spray Systems may be used with conventional hot or cold pressure washers from 2,000 to 5,000 psi. The Classic comes with over sized self-lubricating twin thrust bearings, balanced spray bar and portable break away handles for ease of transport and storage. While The Big Guy is crafted with high quality Xenoy, stainless steel and aircraft grade aluminum for long life. 

The Platinum Series of Whisper Pro Surface Cleaners separates itself from the competitors and Standard Series Whisper Pro Surface Cleaners by offering:

• A One-Piece Unitized Swivel Cartridge
• A One-Year Full Coverage Warranty
• 5000 PSI Max Working Pressure
• 212 F Max Working Temperature

Whisper Wash® serves the industrial pressure washing industry. Worldwide Whisper Wash® is known throughout the pressure washing industry as the leading provider of professional rotary spray systems. Our Professional Rotary Spray Systems are built to a common standard of quality that assures your satisfaction when you choose the Whisper Wash® name. We encourage you to review the frequently asked questions we encounter and look over our product line for more specifications. 

The Big Guy
• Oversized 28" housing covers large surfaces in a flash
• One Piece Unitized Swivel Cartridge

Powder-Coated Aluminum Housing
•Durable material and finish capable of withstanding daily use

Nylon Brush Around The Outside Edge
•Surrounds the cover and eliminates over spraying

Cold or Hot Water
•Rated for 2000 to 5000 PSI and 4 to 10 gallons per minute
•Capable of handling temperatures up to 212 degrees F

• One Year Full Coverage Warranty

There is hardly anything worse than being unorganized, especially when pressure washing

8.711-184.0-Spraymart-350 foot hose reel pressure washer

There is hardly anything worse than being unorganized, especially when pressure washing. Whether in your own home or as a professional. One of the most important tools for keeping things in order is the Hose Reel. Having the ability to keep your pressure hose or garden hose easily wound up and contained in one tight spot not only keeps the operator safe and neat but the others around you as well.

The simplest reel being the manual or hand crank type is a good way to start. Most, if not all hose reels come with an adjustable braking mechanism to ensure that when you pull on the hose to unwind it you don’t have the whole hose uncoil all at once into a rats nest on the ground at the foot of the reel.

Another part of the basic manual hose reel is the locking mechanism that keeps the hose from unraveling each time the trigger is pulled. One of the most important parts of the hose reel is the swivel. Although simple in function, the swivel is the most important part in the operation of the reel. The swivel allows for a high pressure hose to be attached at the core at a 90 degree angle to facilitate the turning of the drum to wrap the hose around without being twisted in a knot. A leaking swivel can be a real nuisance and can make a mess of the whole operation. Most swivels can be repaired or replaced in the field with simple tools.

Legacy has the widest selection of premium pressure washer parts and accessories available. Offering innovation, superior workmanship, excellent quality and yet price competitive.

• Super-reinforced core - won't collapse
• Adjustable brake for controlled reel tension
• Convenient external swivel
• Manual rewind handle included
• Solid core bolts onto flanges for extra strength
• 225ºF max temperature
• Snap lock to prevent accidental de-reeling
• Bearings have oil cap for easy field maintenance
• 4000 PSI working pressure
• Convenient external swivel
• Black power coated steel
• Heavy duty flat mounting base for horizontal or vertical wall mount

8.711-184.0-Spraymart-350 foot hose reel pressure washer

Water Cannon Handles High Pressure With Hardened Steel

The smallest things can have a big impact when it comes to safely getting the job done right. That’s definitely the case with Water Cannon’s locking-collar quick-connect sockets, which were designed to offer pumpers added safety and versatility on Hydroexcavation jobs.

Precision machined with male threads, the quick-connect sockets are made of hardened stainless steel to resist plug deformation when pressure spikes occur. The flow-through design provides an unrestricted bore with minimal pressure loss, giving operators smooth action and reliable service.

For extra safety, the brushed stainless steel sockets feature a push-and-snap locking collar with an alignment pin and easy-to-grip barreled ring for straightforward attachment. Replaceable O-rings ensure that users will have a watertight seal at all times.

Water Cannon CEO Richard Kurtz says customers have responded favorably to the locking collar safety mechanism, which prevents the high-pressure hose from detaching at the truck or at the trigger-gun held by the operator.

“If a standard quick-connect is not snapped in place properly, it will fly apart,” he says. “Imagine the force of a standard self-serve car wash as 7,200 effective cleaning units (ECUs). And your average portable pressure washer has an ECU of 16,000. Now, imagine you’re the guy pulling the trigger on a Hydroexcavation rig that delivers 20 gpm at 2,500 psi – or 50,000 ECU – and the quick-connect pulls apart and the hose flies like a whip. Even worse, imagine if the hose flies off the trigger gun inches from the operator’s torso.

“Everyone appreciates the added safety, and we now have our products being used in a nuclear power plant,” says Kurtz. “I will take that as the ultimate compliment.”

The locking-collar quick-connect sockets are rated up to 210 degrees F and 6,300 psi for heavy-duty use. Water Cannon recommends coupling the sockets with stainless-steel plugs that are interchangeable with most brands, and the company also suggests getting replacement O-rings to ensure the sockets continue to withstand hot water and aggressive chemicals.

This type of socket has been on the market for about 40 years, and wasn’t originally developed by Water Cannon, according to Kurtz.

“One of our largest vacuum truck manufacturing clients came to us and said ‘we use four of these on each pumper truck and we are paying $40 each, what can you do?’ In volume, way under $10 was our solution. Customers really love the fact that they interchange with all major brands without the premium cost added. Our high manufacturing volume makes the safety couplers economical.”

The safety sockets come in various sizes and can even withstand pressure spikes from hydro-pulse jetter systems, according to Kurtz. 800/333-9274

Steel Eagel Under Carriage Cleaners

The under carriage cleaners from Steel Eagle are designed to clean under vehicles and equipment with a 24-inch-wide path. Four spray nozzles blasting up from below at up to 4,300 PSI, 2 zero degree nozzles cut through the tough stuff and 2 15-degree nozzles wash it away. Just plug in your pressure washer and use the long reach handle to get all the way underneath your vehicle or equipment with up to a 5-foot reach. Also available in a 13-inch rear wheel model to give you 14.5 inches of clearance to get under heavy equipment and leave the mud on the ground where it belongs. These cleaners can handle water temperatures up to 250 degrees.

This 13-inch rear wheel model is the best choice to get under heavy equipment and leave the mud on the ground where it belongs. These cleaners can handle water temperatures up to 250 degrees.

• Requires 14.5" vehicle clearance
• Easy Handling and maneuverability
• Front skid plate
• 13" wheel assembly
• Approximately 24" of cleaning area
• Pressure up to 4300 PSI
• Temperatures up to 250º
• Handle is Adjustable from 33.5 Inch to 60 Inch.

Caution: when using any surface cleaner on any uneven surface, such as a cracked, uneven sidewalk or driveway, be aware that the spray bar underneath the cleaner can be easily damaged by the bar hitting the uneven surface. This type of damage is not covered by the product warranty. Always use eye protection and appropriate safety gear.

Avoid Back Splash with the Latest Technology from Water Cannon

Mosmatic Duct Cleaners are specially designed to clean ducts, trash-chutes, vents, restaurant hoods, tanks and more. This is the perfect accessory for any hot or cold pressure washer. Made of corrosion-resistant materials and stainless steel self lubricated bearings. The new and improved carbide swivel offers the highest quality Swiss made craftsmanship.

No matter how dirty you’re willing to get on the job, getting grimy, smelly back splash on your clothes and skin while cleaning is never a pleasant experience. That’s why Water Cannon is excited to present a new Mosmatic spinner attachment for pressure washers that can easily reach into small nooks and crannies – all without exposing the user to the hazards of back splash.

As simple to install as it is to utilize, Water Cannon’s revolutionary spinner attachment can be universally attached to any pressure washer. You can use this versatile attachment with cold water, heat or chemicals, thereby making it useful for an endless number of applications. In fact, this sturdy tool can handle chemical ratings of PH 3 to PH 12, and it can withstand temperatures of up to 250 degrees.

As a leading supplier of Mosmatic products, Water Cannon’s team consists of experts on the equipment. Longevity, reliability and smart design are key value drivers for Mosmatic, which aligns perfectly with Water Cannon’s mission to provide the best quality products at the best prices. To purchase this highly useful tool and protect you from nasty back splash, visit or contact Water Cannon’s team at 1-800-333-WASH (9274). 

• All Duct Cleaners come with 3/8" NPTF water inlet. 
• Requires two 1/8" Nozzles which are sold separately. 
• Other versions and sizes available.
• Perfect for vertical chutes

Technical Data:
• Temperature: 250° F 
• Pressure: 4000 PSI Rated - 4500 PSI Maximum
• RPM: Maximum 2000 rpm

This item requires two 1/8" nozzles, sold separately, available below in related products

Always use eye protection and appropriate safety gear.

Ultra- Slippery Hose

Ultra- Slippery Hose

Water Cannon is a one-stop-shop for custom sized Piranha Jetter and drain cleaning hose assemblies.

Slither High Pressure thermoplastic sewer cleaning hose from Piranha Hose Products is available with a polyether-urethane cover that is ultra slippery, allowing the hose to maneuver around and through difficult sewer bends encountered in residential and industrial sewer cleaning applications. 

Sewer Line Jetting Hose with high tensile fabric braid reinforcement provides excellent abrasion, cut, and fungus resistance. Also meets Waste Equipment Technology Association specifications. 

With virtually any length up to 600 feet we can customize your end fittings and ship the same day. Additionally online we offer an endless array of standard hose assemblies, various temperature ranges up to 212° F in both thermoplastic nylon braided covers or high temperature stainless steel wire braid reinforced construction. To speak to a jetter specialist call our experts at 800.333.9274. 
Drain Clinning Hoses