Electric-3 Phase-TEFC Motor 20HP-5.5GPM-7000PSI
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  • 5.5GPM-5000PSI - 13M68 - $5,387.00 (Ad Match Guarantee - Buy Now: $5,299.00)
  • 4.5GPM-6000PSI - 13M71 - $6,524.00 (Ad Match Guarantee - Buy Now: $6,435.00)
  • 4.0GPM-7000PSI - 13M77 - $7,142.00 (Ad Match Guarantee - Buy Now: $7,055.00)
Water Cannon Pressure Washers deliver a wide swath of water injected with 5.25% sodium hypochlorite (household bleach) and calcium hypochlorite (bleach powder). This application for 10 minutes on concrete, brick, stone or metal surfaces will kill viruses including influenza. Our products are already used extensively in the poultry industry to fight avian flu. Our Water Cannon products can be used indoors powered by an electric motor.

Water Cannon pressure washers are highly beneficial cleaning systems for virtually any residential, commercial, or industrial user.  

The more powerful pressure washers with pressure levels up to 7000psi can accomplish tasks that most cleaning equipment can't even touch, like stripping paint, degreasing heavy-duty equipment, and removing the most stubborn oil, dirt, grime, and soil residues from concrete, walkways, driveways, sidewalks, brick, building exteriors, and much more. Specially designed accessories can make any pressure cleaning job easier and more efficient.  

Water Cannon stocks a complete line of pressure washer surface cleaners including Whisper Wash, Legacy, Sidewinder, Mosmatic and the best selling surface cleaner line General Pump. Pressure washing surface cleaners comes in a variety of styles like hover type, hand held and casters or wheels. With the spinning bar of two or four nozzles you get exacting cleaning performance and 2000 + rpm™s of high efficiency cleaning up to 15 times faster than a regular spray nozzle. 

For paint stripping or barnacle removal we recommend adding a rotating nozzle to your system. The turbo rotating nozzle increases the blasting power by concentrating a zero degree stream of water into a 25 degree high rpm pattern. Water Cannon supplies to the pressure cleaning industry a full line of rotating nozzles including RotoJet, HydroJet by MTM Hydro, Legacy, Dirt Killer, Annovi Reverberi and the best selling General Pump Rotomax which has an adjustable fan feature from 5 to 25 degrees.

With a 20 HP motor and the ever reliable General Pump TSP Series pump, these electric pressure washers are worth the investment. Choose from three very powerful models to receive up to 5.5 GPM & 7000 PSI. These models make a great choice for those needing extreme mobility and superior power. Standard with all necessary accessories, you are ready to get to work as soon as it is delivered!
In applications where the user of the Water Cannon pressure washer cannot control the intervals of when the cleaning will be needed, for example a food manufacturing plant, and to ensure minimal wear and tear to components, the Auto-Stop/Start feature effectively shuts down the motor and pump when the trigger gun is closed.  This factory installed option works on a flow switch to send a signal to shut down the motor and restart when the pressure washer trigger gun is needed again. Save energy and the inefficiency of turning the system on and off. Saves labor also and extends the service life of the electric pressure washer. Time Delay is another feature that can be factory installed as an upgrade to your Water cannon Electric pressure washing system. Time Delay will shut the system off if you do not open the trigger gun in 90 seconds. Consult with your Water Cannon Pressure Washer specialist by calling 1-800-333-9274 ask for a Custom Pressure Washer Expert.

13M68 - 5.5GPM-5000PSI w/ General Pump TSP Series Pump & 50' Attachment Kit
13M71 - 4.5GPM-6000PSI w/ General Pump TSP Series Pump & 50' Attachment Kit
13M77 - 4.0GPM-7000PSI w/ General Pump TSP Series Pump & 50' Attachment Kit
• TEFC Commercial Industrial Grade Motor with 2 Year Warranty
• 230 Volt Three Phase 46 Amp
• 12' Cord No Plug
• General Pump TSP Series Pump with 5 Year Warranty
• Portable on Sturdy Frame with Lifetime Manufacturers Warranty
¢ Poly Chain Drive
• Attachment Kit - 50' Hose, Trigger Gun and Wand
• Quick Connect Nozzles
• Assembled in the USA


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Electric Pressure Washer - TEFC Commercial Industrial Grade Motor 20 HP - 230 Volt Three Phase 46 Amp - 12' Cord No Plug - Portable Poly Chain Drive - TSP Series General Triplex Plunger Pump - 5.5GPM - 5000PSI - 2+5 + Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty - 50' Hose, Trigger Gun, Wand & QC Nozzles - Assembled in USA

Helpful tips to keep your pressure washer pump operating at peak performance

Warning California Proposition 65
Detectable amount of chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm may be found in pressure washing equipment, accessories and exhaust. For More Information Visit
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