Modular Hot Water Heaters
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A hot water pressure washer is more effective in cleaning for a few reasons.

First, hot water can effectively dissolve and remove many types of dirt and grime that cold water alone may not be able to remove.

Second, hot water can help to loosen and break up tough stains and grime, making them easier to remove.

Finally, hot water can kill bacteria and germs on surfaces, providing a more thorough clean. This is especially important in applications where sanitization is a concern, such as in the food service industry. Overall, the use of hot water in a pressure washer can provide a more efficient and effective cleaning experience.

The Water Cannon Hot Water Power Washer System Heater Systems turn a standard pressure washer into a heated cleaning machine instantly.

Industrial duty stationary hot water generators in natural gas and LP fuel. Offered in open or with heavy duty corrosion resistant cabinet. Converts existing electric, gas, hydraulic or diesel-powered cold-water pressure washing equipment into hot water operation. Optional stainless steel coil and base available. 

Heating Coil 
Elliptically wound cold process of stretched reduced fully body normalized ASTM A53/APIPSL schedule 160 pipe is structurally braced to minimize pipe wear and vibration. The coil is sealed with a ceramic blanket and enclosed in a stainless steel housing for heating efficiency. These coils have been specially designed to be paired with the burners for maximum heating and fuel efficiency. The coils are securely mounted to the frames to reduce vibration and enhance ease of maintenance. Wet/Dry steam option available.