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Pressure Washers Most Common Asked Questions

 What type of fuel do I use for my pressure washer? 
All of the Honda engines take 86 or Higher Octane Unleaded gasoline.

2. Do I have to add anything to the fuel before putting it into the pressure washer? 
No.  You do not need  to mix anything with the gas for operation.  You can use Stabil in the gas when storing for long periods of time.

3. How/Where do I add oil to my pressure washer?

The crank case of the engine has two spots to fill the crank case with 10W-30 regular motor oil.  You can use whichever one is most accessible.  

4. How much oil do I add to the pressure washer? 

Fill with oil until you cannot get any more in.  Fill to Spill.

5. I have an ARNA Pump on my Pressure washer how do I add oil to it? 
RMV and RMW both axial type pumps from ARNA are maintenance free and do not need oil added for the life of the pump, around 500 hours. Most other pumps are shipped with oil already in them. They are shipped with a plug in the top that needs to be replaced before starting with the supplied vented dipstick. Cat Pumps have a red cap with a hole in the top.

6. What type of oil do I use on my pressure washer pump? 

All other positive displacement type pumps generally take a 30 weight hydraulic oil found at or any major auto parts store.  The oil in a new pump should be changed out after a 50 hour break in period and then checked daily to make sure the oil is not getting milky due to leaking water seals or a cracked plunger.  You should change the oil every 3 months or 500 hours.

Safety Pop-Off Instructions

  1. Screw the adjustment hex plug in clockwise until it bottoms out.
  2. Install the Safety Pop-Off Valve between the discharge of the unloader and the inlet of the coil. Please be careful to point the discharge in the correct direction
  3. Start up the unit and bring it up to full pressure as normal.
  4. Slowly unscrew the adjustment hex plug counter clockwise unit the valve pops.
  5. Turn off the machine
  6. Turn the adjustment hex plug clockwise ½ turn.
  7. Turn on the unit and bring up to full pressure, work the trigger gun on & Off to test to make sure the Safety Pop-Off Valve is not popping off.
  8. If Safety Pop-Off Valve popped off, repeat steps 6 & 7
  9. If Safety Pop-Off Valve didn’t pop off then it is set for the pressure of your machine.