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Cleaning heads for duct and tank cleaning are suited for sanitizing and cleaning everything from small containers to large spaces. Water Cannon provides cleaning heads largely for industrial systems and machines.

If you need any assistance finding the appropriate equipment for the task(s) at hand, please do not hesitate to call us.

Mosmatic brand highly durable industry tested stainless steel products for the car wash, swivel and the high pressure cleaning industry. You will find Mosmatic products in manufacturing facilities, conveyor systems, car wash bays, truck & bus washing applications, duct cleaning services & mobile pressure washer contractors.

Water Cannon’s ever growing selection of top selling products including hand held surface cleaners for graffiti removal, floating or hover style for general purpose flat surface cleaning and four way castor wheel for uneven applications like walkways or parking garages. Mosmatic surface cleaners come in a variety of two, three and four bar versions and cover dimensions from twelve” to thirty” coverage.

The Duct Cleaners offer an efficient tool for cleaning vertical drops or chutes, ducts and exhaust apparatuses. These Mosmatic duct cleaners spin at 2000 rpm’s in both fixed or adjustable nozzle versions moreover are stocked in 3” – 6” – 12” and 24” diameter sizes.

Mosmatic swivels are the heart and soul of the quality Mosmatic product line. Water Cannon recommends the entire line of swivels for endless high pressure applications knowing the extensive selection manufactured by Mosmatic you can find pressure ratings up to 7300 psi, the swivels are maintenance free and come in straight, ninety degree and flange style for applications including pressure washer hose reels, pressure washer surface cleaners and car wash systems.

Our newest edition to the ever growing Mosmatic swivel products are the sixteen and twenty four inch Manhole Cleaner rated to 5000 psi complete with a debris shield and safety cages to prevent impact with the surface or operator and the high rpm twin self-rotating arms.