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Water Cannon a leading supplier of Profession Duty pressure washers since 1981. As a result, we are the authority on professional grade pressure washers and power washing equipment. Our team has an abundance of experience recommending the best pressure washers and parts to meet every customer’s needs. From Honda pressure washers to replacement engines and pumps to a complete line of aftermarket parts and accessories, we have thousands of products available through our website and customer support team.

Each model comes with all the necessary accessories for you to get started right away. This Water Cannon Pressure Washer includes a complete automated bypass regulated Plumbing Feature that cools the water while the Trigger control is off. The extended service life Triplex Ceramic Plunger Pump holds up to commercial and professional daily use.

Additionally this model includes an overheat safety valve that will open and close automatically to allow the recirculating higher temperature water to be released and allow cool water to replace it, helping to protect the wear parts. For product questions we invite you to call 1-800-333-9274 and speaking with one of our industry trained sales team.