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Contact our experts to identify and discuss the best commercial cold water electric pressure washer solutions that will address your unique needs. These durable units feature time and labor-saving features and can be equipped with options such as automatic start and stop with trigger control, onboard hose reel, and more. The AR pumps and Baldor motors ensure your equipment offers you peak performance, extended life cycle and reduced maintenance costs with minimal internal wear and tear.

Each model comes with all the necessary accessories for you to get started right away.

AR PUMPS are constructed with die-cast bodies and feature a brass head. Internal components include special thick solid ceramic plungers for long life and durability. Precision cast cooling fins are anodized for maximum heat dissipation. Oversized needle bearings on the drive side, and ball on the non-drive side together with the precision supports assure positive alignment and centering in relation to the crankcase. Valve cages of special designed Ultra-Form provide positive seating and extended life. Ball bearings on both sides of solid shaft drive pumps. One-piece connecting rods are special alloy aluminum, oversized for strength and load disbursement. Powerful triplex plunger pump with VRT3 (Industry Favorite) unloader valve with EZ start features minimizes static back pressure for no load startup, thermal relief safety valve and inline Stainless Steel water filter. Additionally this model includes an overheat safety valve that will open and close automatically to allow the recirculating higher temperature water to be released and allow cool water to replace it, helping to protect the wear parts.

NEMA High grade materials make up a strong insulation system with Class F insulation and Class B temperature rise for operation in higher ambient temperature, overload conditions, and voltage tolerances. Quickly and easily read motor nameplate specifications with a durable, high contrast nameplate. Cast Iron / Steel band options allows you to choose the best option for the application and environment. Stator end turns are fully laced to minimize conductor movement. Stators are dipped in modified, high solids content, UL recognized impregnating resin to eliminate corona and promote insulation longevity. Find a BALDOR – RELIANCE Service Center, download a manual and learn more about the history of Baldor by visiting