Caviblaster 1325-Gss Engine 13GPM 2500PSI Stainless Components

By : Water Cannon

SKU : 1325-GSS
  • Quick Specs
  • PSI: 2500
  • GPM: 13
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The 1325-GSS Caviblaster cavitation system delivers high performance with 13 GPM flow and 2500 PSI and raises the industry standards for anti-fouling cleaning technology. Supports 1 to 2 divers in most depths in offshore or inland waterways. Featuring corrosion resistant SS fittings and components. Powered by the proven HONDA iGX800 V-Twin - EFI- Smart Engine Technology. with industrial duty Udor gear drive triplex plunger pump. The 1325-GSS is Cavidyne's  upgraded gasoline powered version of the most popular diesel powered model. This unit can support 2 divers simultaneously with secondary setup. Built for easy transportation and superior performance, using ultra-cavitation. It comes equipped with industrial Udor triplex pump with a 5 year manufacturer's warranty. The aluminum lightweight cart comes with wheels and lifting eyes add convenience  and portability. This unit is ideal for small to mid-size boat hulls, piers, pilings, seawalls, running gear, out drivers, pool and indoor underwater installations. Upgraded SS components and zero-thrust balanced gun, 15' feed hose with electric suction pump, 15' of by-pass hose, 50' of neutrally buoyant high pressure thermoplastic hose and marine grade battery box.


Equipped with corrosion resistant SS304 & SS316 Stainless Steel components.

  • Small to mid-size boat hulls
  • Offshore, Coastal and inland waters.
  • Piers
  • Pilings
  • Seawalls
  • Running gear
  • Out drivers
  • Pools and indoor underwater installations


Standard accessories include:

  • Feed Hose (15 feet) with electric suction pump
  • By-Pass Hose (15 feet)
  • High Pressure Hose (50 feet)
  • Zero-Thrust Balanced Gun
  • Portable Marine Fuel Tank
  • Battery Start with Marine Grade Battery Box.


The Safest & More Efficient Underwater Cleaning System." Our technology is based on hydrodynamic cavitation, the process of vaporization, bubble generation and bubble implosion. The implosion that takes place during the cavitation process occurs in milliseconds, rapidly collapsing bubbles produce shock-waves that release tremendous amounts of energy that separate marine growth from the surfaces being cleaned, the safety feature of this technology is that elastic materials such as human skin easily absorb these shock-waves, at the same time the cavitating stream is significantly less dense compared to a regular pressure jet thus making the CaviBlaster® much safer for an operator and remaining very effective tool for removing marine growth.

Caviblasting safely and efficiently removes all types of marine growth: from barnacles to seaweed with just one pass. This environmentally friendly process causes no damage to coatings or the surface being cleaned while releasing  no heavy metals or contaminants into the water. Hydrodynamic cavitation technology uses no high pressure with absolutely no damage  to any type of surface, anti-fouling coatings, hulls, props, rigging, drives or fishing nets. Ideally suited for submersed applications in offshore, deep water, shallow draft,  salt water,  inland waterways, or freshwater environments. Finally, a safe, sustainable, and effective  treatment that saves valuable time and delivers true ROI.

Performance with no risk of injury to the operator or nearby divers. Unlike typical high pressure or mechanical techniques, caviblasting is safe, efficient, cost effective and will not damage or compromise the integrity of surfaces while minimizes regrowth and attachment of marine organisms.  A wide variety of models and performance is available to meet your exact needs and applications. Powered by gasoline, diesel, and electric power with performance up to 10,000 PSI and 40.0 GPM.


Manufacturer: Water Cannon
SKU: 1325-GSS
PSI: 2500
GPM: 13
Brand: CaviBlaster

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