Mecline Vrt3-310Ez Unloader 4500PSI - Replacement Bypass Valve


SKU : VRT3-310EZ
  • Quick Specs
  • PSI: 4500
  • GPM: 10.5
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Mecline VRT3-310EZ Unloader with 4,500 max PSI, 10.5 max GPM and 3/8"F outlet, black spring and adjustment knob.

The unloader valve diverts water flow into bypass when the trigger gun valve is closed. Unloaders may be designed to respond to either an increase in pressure or a change in flow. The unloader valve may also be used for variable pressure adjustment.

An adjustable pressure feature for a pressure washer is highly valuable because it allows the user to adjust the amount of pressure being applied to the surface being cleaned. This can be particularly useful in situations where the user needs to clean a surface that is delicate and can be damaged by high pressure, such as a car or a wooden deck. By being able to adjust the pressure, the user can ensure that they are using the right amount of pressure to effectively clean the surface without causing any damage. Additionally, an adjustable pressure feature can also help the user save water and power, as they can reduce the pressure when cleaning less dirty surfaces, which in turn reduces the amount of water and power needed to clean the surface effectively.



  • Max GPM up to 10.5
  • Max PSI up to 4500
  • Inlet       2 x 3/8 Inch Female Thread
  • Outlet   3/8" F
  • Max Temperature 194° F
  • By-Pass 2 x 3/8 Inch Female thread
  • Black Spring
  • Include adjustment knob


Manufacturer: ARNA
PSI: 4500
GPM: 10.5
Dimensions: 3/8 INCH

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