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4000PSI-24 Inch-Insulated Wand Spray Gun Assembly-M407

By : Water Cannon

SKU : 43.0027
  • Quick Specs
  • PSI: 4000
  • GPM: 7
Regular Price: $30.99
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This comfortable premium quality trigger gun is now available in quantity discounts. This rental duty trigger gun and 24 inch wand is rated to 4000psi and 10gpm. This gun is recommended for cold water and hot water pressure washer applications rated to 300°F.  With a 3/8 socket inlet to the gun and a ¼ inch discharge socket at the end of the 24” wand for quick connect nozzles, this gun and wand is ready to go right out of the box.
The insulation grip lance of the pressure washer plays a crucial role in ensuring user safety during operation. Here's how it contributes to user safety:

1. Comfortable and Secure Grip: The insulation grip lance is designed with ergonomic considerations in mind. It provides a comfortable and secure grip for the user, allowing for better control and reducing the risk of slipping or accidental spraying. This feature helps prevent hand fatigue and enhances overall user safety.

2. Thermal Protection: The insulation grip lance is constructed with materials that provide thermal protection. This means that even when the pressure washer is running at high temperatures, the grip of the lance remains cool to the touch. This prevents the user from accidentally burning their hands or fingers while operating the pressure washer.

3. Insulation from Hot Water: The insulation grip lance acts as a barrier between the user's hand and the hot water coming out of the pressure washer. It prevents direct contact with the hot water, reducing the risk of burns or scalding. This is particularly important when working with hot water cleaning applications.

4. Enhanced Control and Stability: The insulation grip lance allows for better control and stability while using the pressure washer. The comfortable grip and insulation properties enable the user to maintain a firm hold on the lance, even when dealing with high-pressure water flow. This helps prevent accidents or mishaps that can occur if the lance slips or loses control.

Overall, the insulation grip lance contributes to user safety by providing a comfortable and secure grip, thermal protection, insulation from hot water, and enhanced control and stability. These features help ensure a safe and efficient cleaning experience with the pressure washer

California Residents - Click here for Prop 65 WARNINGS


Manufacturer: Water Cannon
SKU: 43.0027
PSI: 4000
GPM: 7
Dimensions: 24 INCH
Diameter: 3/8 INCH

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