Orifice - 15.0 - 5800 PSI - 1/4" - ROTOJET400-15

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  • PSI: 5800
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Water Cannon features an Italian made Hydro-Excavation Nozzle rated to 5800PSI and orifice sizes up to 20.0. The dynamic zero degree stream of water spins at 2000RPM to form a 25 degree cone pattern that rips through the subsoil to expose underground utilities.

The spinning nature of the Hydro-Excavation Nozzle will avoid damage that can be caused by straight zero degree static nozzles with an added benefit of the 25 degree cone spray hitting the surface at varied angles to increase productivity. 

These nozzles work for High Pressure Applications rated 2800-5800 PSI.

This top selling turbo nozzle combines a 0 blast in a 25 pattern with no gears, teeth or bearings to wear out.  Precision ceramic surfaces provide long life and all products are rebuildable and a top favorite for the Hydro Excavation and Pumper Truck Industry.

The higher Gallon Per Minute Flows up to orifice size 20 and 5800psi can accomplish tasks that most cleaning equipment can't even touch, like stripping paint, degreasing heavy-duty equipment, and removing the most stubborn oil, dirt, grime, and soil residues from concrete, walkways, driveways, sidewalks, brick, building exteriors, and much more. Specially designed accessories can make any pressure cleaning job easier and more efficient. 

For paint stripping or barnacle removal we recommend adding a rotating nozzle to your system. The turbo rotating nozzle increases the blasting power by concentrating a zero degree stream of water into a 25 degree high rpm pattern. Water Cannon supplies to the pressure cleaning industry a full line of rotating nozzles from 2000psi to 7000psi. Water Cannon recommends always using eye and face protection when operating a pressure washer and the rotating nozzle.

Water Cannon provides a complete line of rotating nozzles with quantity discounts and a complete product offering in stock. For more information visit watercannon.com or call one of our Veteran Industry Trained Experts 800.333.9274.

California Residents - Click here for Prop 65 WARNINGS


Manufacturer: Water Cannon
PSI: 5800
Temperature: 210 F
Discharge Port Size: 15.0 ORIFICE
Material: Degrees
Variant MPN: ROTOJET400-15

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