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SKU : 018H35
Regular Price: $3,299.00
Ad Match Guarantee - Buy Now: $3,175.00
SKU : 11H11
Regular Price: $799.00
Ad Match Guarantee - Buy Now: $769.00
E4042KV-4300PSI-Pressure Pro-Gas
SKU : 11K39
Regular Price: $1,069.00
Lower Price: $989.00
SKU : 13H71
Regular Price: $5,904.00
Ad Match Guarantee - Buy Now: $5,819.00
SKU : 17H26
Regular Price: $6,784.00
Ad Match Guarantee - Buy Now: $6,429.00
SKU : 17H61
Regular Price: $5,599.00
Ad Match Guarantee - Buy Now: $5,249.00
SKU : 18B70
Regular Price: $2,805.00
Ad Match Guarantee - Buy Now: $2,499.00
SKU : 18B73
Regular Price: $2,069.00
Ad Match Guarantee - Buy Now: $1,999.00
SKU : 18H44
Regular Price: $4,499.00
Ad Match Guarantee - Buy Now: $4,469.00
SKU : 19H20
Regular Price: $5,514.00
Ad Match Guarantee - Buy Now: $5,199.00
SKU : 19H32
Regular Price: $6,414.00
Ad Match Guarantee - Buy Now: $6,329.00
SKU : 20H47
Regular Price: $899.00
Ad Match Guarantee - Buy Now: $849.00
Kohler-SH265-RMV AR Axial Pump-2.5GPM-3300PSI
SKU : 20L44
Regular Price: $465.00
Ad Match Guarantee - Buy Now: $439.00
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Water Cannon Pressure Washers on Sale

Water Cannon offers a broad selection of best selling water pressure washers, pressure cleaners and power washers. While you will be hard-pressed to find pressure washer prices lower than Water Cannon's, if you do, we will happily match any competitor's price on equipment that is directly comparable. With the lowest delivered price, our best selling Honda pressure washer line, we can also custom build a power washer to address your needs.  Water Cannon offers an array of pressure cleaner replacement parts and complementary accessories.

Power Washers for Homeowners are Always on Sale

Generally, for light homeowner power washing tasks such as washing your car; cleaning your siding, pool decks, patios and porches; and removing stains from your driveway or garage floor, we recommend our low priced sku 10H35 Cold Water Pressure Washer -Honda GC 160 5.0HP -Portable –AR/CAT/General Pump –2.5GPM -2700PSI -25’ Kit .  Talk about a Pressure Washer Sale, these lightweight, portable power cleaners ship for free and are delivered to your door with all of the necessary accessories. If you need any additional parts or accessories to most effectively attack your household chores, we invite you peruse our vast array of hosesnozzlesattachment kits and more

Pressure Washers Cold Water for Professional, Industrial, Rental and Commercial Use

Water Cannon has plenty of power washing equipment -- including ever-popular Honda pressure washersHonda GX Series bestsellers and useful accessories and add-ons -- to help you complete the specific pressure washing tasks you have at hand. For example, in addition to pressure cleaners we have a handful of hot boxes that can be used to raise the water temperature of your cold water power washers by upwards of 118 degrees Fahrenheit, which can be ideal for winter jobs. As industry-trained experts on power washing, our technicians can suggest appropriate options for you no matter what you are interested in accomplishing. If you cannot find the best pressure washer on sale for you among our many models online, in minutes our technicians can custom design a power washer to match your demands. And you can rest assured your machine will perform superbly for many years, as all of our industrial grade pressure washers are assembled and factory tested in the United States.

Pressure Washers on sale, 2700psi Honda powered $399, or 3200psi Honda GX200 power washer for $599, Honda GX390 pressure washer 4200psi for an unbeatable delivered price of $999. Water Cannon’s newest pressure cleaners are on sale for 2013 is our powerful complete package featured sku 15L35 - Cold Water Pressure Washer -LCT Maxx 414cc 17.5HP –Portable –Annovi Reverberi Pump -4.0GPM -4200PSI –25’ to 50’ Kit

Since 1981, Water Cannon has aimed to deliver the best quality pressure washing equipment at the industry’s best prices, and the LCT Maxx Series is a testament to this commitment. In addition to a wide variety of power washers for professional and industrial applications, Water Cannon also supplies one of the industry’s largest and most complete collections of pressure washer replacement parts and accessories. A call to our team of highly qualified pressure washing equipment experts can put you in touch with all the information and service one might require to find the best pressure washer for the job as well as keep current equipment working like new. Water Cannon’s experienced team of specialists can be reached at 1-800-333-WASH (9274). You can also purchase products from Water Cannon online at