Mosmatic FLABB200 8 Inches 5000PSI Graffiti 78.285 Surface Cleaner

By : Mosmatic

SKU : 78.285
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The basic professional wall and surface cleaner FL-ABB 200 is  used for: Graffiti removal, restoration of
various surfaces, building cleaning, etc.

The wall surface cleaner with air vacuuming, is the perfect tool, to clean any kind of hard to remove dirt, paint, ect. No over spray or flying debris, guarantees a safe and clean work area. Features include: Stainless steel deck construction, newly developed DYW swivel and a HP-Gun. The professional line is ready to use with no tools required for assembly.
200 mm Stainless Steel Housing

350 bar = 5076 PSI Maximum Pressure

120 °C Maximum Temperature

2.7 kg Weight

2 x Rotor Arm

2 x 1503 Nozzles for Rotor Arm


- Handle

- Relax Action HP-Gun

- Nozzles

- Vacuum Port included (Industrial Vacuum Required)

- Brush

Vacuum system is not included, Mosmatic Surface Cleaners with Air Recovery Capability require an industrial Vacuum system to operate the air recover feature.


Caution, when using any surface cleaner on any uneven surface, such as a cracked, uneven sidewalk or driveway, be aware that the spray bar underneath the cleaner can be easily damaged by the bar hitting the uneven surface.

This type of damage is not covered by the product warranty.

Always use eye protection and appropriate safety gear.

Warning California Proposition 65
Detectable amount of chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm may be found in pressure washing equipment, accessories and exhaust. For More Information Visit


Manufacturer: Mosmatic
SKU: 78.285

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