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Coupler Brass 3/8 Inch Quick Connect-M22 Female Twist Coupler

By : Water Cannon

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Quick Connects, the parts that enable the user to quickly change fromdifferent hoses to different accessories, is a broad term used to cover 2main types of couplers.  The twist coupler that works like a reversegarden hose connection and the socket and plug much like an air hosefitting.

The Quick Connect consists of 2 parts.  The socket, typically with 8ball bearings and a spring loaded collar.  The part that goes into thesocket is the plug.  The two main sizes most commonly used with pressurewashers are ¼ inch, used mainly on the discharge outlet of the triggergun as well as the end of the spray wand to hold the color coded spraytips.  The 3/8 inch size is most commonly used in the connection of thehose to the machine and between the hose and the trigger gun. 

The other end will have either a male, external thread or a female, internal thread.  So, when ordering couplers it is good to know thecorrect terminology to ensure you get what you want.   Example:  3/8inch female socket or ¼ inch male plug.  These can make life a loteasier to say the least.  The one thing to be aware of on the socketportion is the oring that seals the plug down inside.  Sometimes whenflushing out the system or purging the air from the pressure washer,this oring can  become dislodged and get lost in the water stream. Thewill be evident by a loose fitting spray tip in the socket as well aslow pressure.  All of our Water Cannon machines come with a couple extraorings of each size to cover the nozzle socket as well as the hosesocket. 

The 22 millimeter Twist Connect has 2 parts as well.  The Twist sealconnect that works like a garden hose swivel with a hollow stem with anoring in the middle and a screw plug which would be like a garden hosespigot.  The outside diameter of the threads on the screw plug measures22 millimeters and the inside diameter typically measures 14millimeters.  Like the quick connects mentioned earlier, these too willhave 3/8 and ¼ inch male or female threads opposite the coupling.  Thetwist connect is not as fast to connect or disconnect but works welljust the same.

Water Cannon carries a full selection of connectors for all sizes,pressures, temperatures and chemical types.  Go to toshop, Chat online or call 1-800-333-9274 and speak to one of ourIndustry Trained Staff to Place an order or just ask a question.   


California Residents - Click here for Prop 65 WARNINGS


Manufacturer: Water Cannon
SKU: 24.0448
Dimensions: 22 MM X 3/8 INCH
Diameter: 22 MM

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